Controls360 empowers your project controls process by automating the generation of key graphical, tabular reports and KPIs, which would otherwise take significant amount of experts' time to prepare, analyze and present.

By integrating your schedule data from P6 and Ms Project, it automatically runs key industry standard quality check at every update period of your schedule, displays critical change analysis results between many schedules of the same project to show your team how the project is progressing or how the schedule is changing between update periods.

Seeing is believing! Let a member of our team show you or your team how controls360 works in a 15-20 min. virtual video call.

Featured Product


Controls360 is an automated and complete project analytics system

for your schedule, cost and other project data. 

Products and Services

  • Software development for Project engineering and management

  • Data analytics that maximizes the business values and efficiency of your data 

  • Building Information Modeling

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